Self Defence Courses

About our self-defence courses

We run individually designed self-defence courses that meet your needs, not a one suits all approach. We know that in many cases, the risks of violence against women is different from men. We know that the risk of violence against teenage girls and women changes as their life situations change. We know that the risk of violence against teenage boys, young men and older men is different. We understand that certain occupations are exposed to a higher risk of violence than others. Whilst many of the techniques we teach will help everyone, we will take into account specific ‘risks’ associated with those attending each course and structure the course to meet YOUR needs. Tell us what you want and what you need, and we will develop and deliver a self-defence course for your group.

Self Defence Courses

Our self-defence classes are open to all age groups, children to adults, and even seniors. Your Chief Instructor is Henry, a retired Australian Regular Army veteran. Read more About Us and our value statement. Our self-defence courses are available in Ipswich and Mt Ommaney.

APSD also teaches martial arts.

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